Management Systems Consultancy

Developing Effective Management Systems to Grow Your Business

All businesses have processes to manage their products and services; HR, financial, goods receipt or despatch, sales, safety, etc. Countless organisations have some form of documentation to explain these processes or record a need. Of these businesses many may even have a management system that explains everything the organisation does whether it be for quality, safety, environment or some other requirement.


Management Systems link all of the business’ requirements together.   The human body has many systems integrally working together to enable it to function well. A business must have similar systems to manage its needs and operations to make it successful.


Throughout the years the management system consultants at Beyond Your Horizon has worked in and with businesses, assessing their processes and reviewing their systems. We have found that many organisations have different motives for having management systems with varying degrees of understanding as to what a management system is or does for the business.


Many organisations see management systems as just being the documents or the software that their people may or may not use to meet a requirement. Other businesses have management systems just to be certified in order to win work. Many organisations make the mistake of documenting too little or too much, or what someone else wants, not what the business needs.


Management Systems are not just a marketing tactic to bid for contracts.  Management systems that stand alone and are not an integrated into the business do not create improvement.  They are usually only designed to comply, and rarely have the full support of and ownership by Senior Management.

When assisting organisations develop, implement and maintain Management Systems, we have found simple is best.  Off-the-shelf systems rarely have a place as they don’t consider variations in businesses, and especially don’t help in the engagement with the workforce. One size does not fit all.  Management Systems must be designed to specifically address the risks and opportunities affected by the organisation’s activities, products or services.  They are not the documents, but the way to administer the processes.  Document only what needs to be documented, for consistency and reference.


In helping a business improve their management system, we assess not only what the business does and its setting, but we understand the culture and character that makes the organisation what it is. We help the leadership and the workers to recognise the importance of managing the businesses risks and opportunities, and planning required to mitigate or develop these. We work with the organisation to ensure all its requirements are integrated where possible to achieve maximum efficiency and effect.


We have seen time and again how much the little things do matter, and the importance of clear communication, engagement and support across all areas of an organisation. Effectively implemented management systems will continuously improve the business and will help to achieve the organisation’s goal and objectives. At Beyond Your Horizon, our goal is to ensure your management system operates successfully and is a valuable tool in attaining your vision and purpose.

The only way organisations can grow bigger and move faster is by accelerating the excellence of their systems and structures.

Dr Sam Chand