Many organisations ‘mentor’ internally. Typically, when a new person is engaged, they are supervised and trained up in processes by a more experienced person for a limited period.  The new person develops a new skill and is then left to undertake the tasks they have been trained in. These ‘mentoring’ sessions do not develop the individual’s attributes but rather are a transfer of knowledge to acquire competence.


True mentoring, like coaching, is all about development.  Where coaching is more about working with the individual or business to elicit an action plan and program to improve specific performance, mentoring focuses on the development of the individual.  Through mentoring, you can develop your business skills, which can help you achieve success earlier than you may have on your own.  Mentoring can help you develop your business through improved planning, performance and productivity.  It can broaden your business networks, help you identify new opportunities, ideas and innovative solutions for your business.


If you are starting a new business, or looking to expand your existing business, your mentor can offer advice, support and guidance, which can help improve your problem-solving skills and develop leadership skills. Sharing ideas and problems with your mentor can provide a sounding board to help make decisions with more confidence.

The table below describes several of the key differences between mentoring and coaching:

At Beyond Your Horizon, we offer mentoring for business Managers and Leaders to provide growth and development, challenging assumptions and offering strategic guidance specific to their circumstances.  We can help by providing an objective opinion on your business and your concerns, and we can assess the condition of your business and find ways to improve to maximise your efforts.  The mentoring process has to be unique to the individual and the business, so no matter what your issue or concern, why not call us today so we can assist in taking you to the next level.